Alberto Estrada

Senior Software Engineer

Lead Software Engineer with experience across a range of web development, product development, and digital marketing skill sets. I consistently demonstrate initiative and passion for pursuing excellent product delivery. Team-player with a love for challenging projects. Primary expertise in the LAMP stack, with focus around developing PHP back-end apps. Currently I enjoy working with the Laravel Framework, which I’ve working with for 6 years now.


Self-Employed/R&B Consulting, LLC Software Engineer Consultant - Miami, Florida - October 2017 to Present

After govWorks I took the time to start my own company, Rice & Beans Consulting, LLC. Currently, our main client is Zudy, and I have been full time dedicated to some of their projects.

Worked in their No-Code Platform (SQL Server Base) to integrate with telephony APIs like Twilio.

During the latest months worked in a different project on Healthcare/Fitness area to provide integration with multiple devices (Fitbit, Omron, Dexcom), using a LAMP Stack in combination on AWS services and iOS development.

Our second client is a orthodontics office, (Mairelys Rodriguez Orthodontics), basically involved building a website and social media integration feeds, is not fully finalized. Uses AWS and LAMP stack.

govWorks LLC Lead Platform Engineer - Miami, Florida - October 2017 to August 31 2018

After working for more than a year for Boalt, I took the opportunity to be part of the leadership in building a new platform, that became the govWorks startup, which we launched on January 2nd, 2018. I helped the company to reach 1 Million in revenue in a single month, 6 months after release. govWorks is a platform to eliminate bureaucracy of government application processes, by utilizing consumer-friendly best practices along with innovative technology.

Designed and created the platform API, using the Laravel Framework 5.5-5.6

Designed and created the platform MySQL database

FedEx certification to integrate into the platform API and integrated USPS using a third party ( EasyPost )

Builded billing system, originally using stripe, later migrated to

Builded Authentication system using REDIS for session configuration

Integration with internal micro-services written in Node.JS using TypeScript

Integration with internal micro-service to access and store in Dynamo DB

Integration with Twilio SDK and Vonage for the implementation of callcenter tools, and dashboards

Integration with AWS services ( RDS, Dynamo DB, SQS, SES, SNS )

BOALT - Interactive Business Lead Software Engineer - Miami, Florida - April 2017 to July 2018

After contracting to Boalt building the LiveAnswer product, joined the Boalt team to work as the Lead Engineer for new and current products. Also acted as a supervisor of other engineers for the maintenance and development of other tools.

Maintenance of callcenter platform called Agent Desktop, integrated with Twilio builded in Legacy PHP

Leader of the phase 1 migration of billing system of LiveAnswer from Recurly to Stripe, using as base the Laravel Lumen Micro-framework

Supervised migration a callcenter tool that I implemented in Legacy PHP to a more stable framework ( Laravel Lumen )

Started phase 1 of designs and architecture discussion of the govWorks platform.

LiveAnswer, Inc Senior Application Engineer - Miami, Florida - August 2016 to March 2017

LiveAnswer was reinventing help desk into a multi-channel intelligent conversation by providing businesses around the world with a unified communication platform that seamlessly integrates phone, email, SMS, chat and social media into one simple Inbox. I worked directly on the LiveAnswer engineering team to create and find solutions within the current/future product requirements. Main responsibilities included the development and maintenance of the application, with a focus on the back-end and the core app.

Expanded LiveAnswer platform with new features and requirements implementation in a LAMP environment with legacy PHP.

Migration of LiveAnswer platform from a simple and old LAMP architecture in RackSpace to AWS

Created a simple micro-framework in PHP to facilitate the implementation of a new application on the LiveAnswer platform alled Agent Desktop.

Maintained MySQL Databases in AWS

Nobox Senior Web Developer - Miami, Florida - June 2011 to July 2016

Nobox is an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency based in Miami. With solutions backed by a multi-disciplinary team. I grew in this company from web developer and just a coder to a senior developer. I had the opportunity to lead projects and bring ideas, solutions to create a world class product.

Key contributions and achievements

Ideated and created internal tools & services to facilitate day-to-day development. Implemented a NodeJS tool to accelerate compilation of node modules during deployment

Trained junior web developers and helped them pursue a career in the field. Trainings in Laravel and JavaScript

In my last 2 years, led all projects as the lead engineer, for both back-end and MySQL database architecture.

Worked in tandem with our management staff to create a low-cost, high uptime and higher efficiency deployment process

Brought new technologies to our development stack ( Socket.IO, NodeJS, Laravel )

Became specialized in the Laravel PHP framework

Assisted in cost estimations

Responsible for preparing technical documentation for our API and back-end

Prepared bi-weekly proof-of-concept implementations to further our technological expertise and offerings. Used technologies as Socket.IO, iOS WebViews, Facebook SDK

ARBIMON/University of Puerto Rico Web Developer - San Juan, Puerto Rico - May 2007 to May 2010

ARBIMON (Automated Remote Biodiversity Monitoring Network) today has evolved to provide various solutions for acoustic monitoring. I was in charge of the website and also helped with the development of the first versions of the ARBIMON web and mobile app.

Implemented front-end application using HTML/CSS, jQuery and OpenLaszlo

Helped in legacy PHP & C++ back-end implementation for processing mathematical analysis

Manatee Conservation Center of Puerto Rico Freelance Web Developer & IT - Puerto Rico - 2009 to 2014

Created & managed a WordPress website for the Center and provided IT services.


Specialization in Software Engineering (Computer Software Engineering) March 2012 to December 2012

Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina ‘Santa María de los Buenos Aires’, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This was Graduate program in software engineering (duration 1 year)

Bachelor in Computer Science 2003 to 2011

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, San Juan, Puerto Rico

References available on request